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The Legend of the Dark Messiah series follows Cassidy Ann Mage--a woman with the power to control fire--and her friends as they save I-Star from a phantom sorcerer named Dmitri von Calvin.

Volume II- A Wicked Storm


Cassidy Ann Mage made a promise. If the masked impostor leader, Dmitri von Calvin, ever returned to complete his secret death campaign against the people of I-Star, she would stand in his way using the magic sword at her side.


President Calvin is counting on this as he knows more about the nature of the black sword than she does. As Cassidy comes out of hiding, she realizes more and more that the sword is influencing her actions and guiding her decisions.


President Dmitri von Calvin is now more prepared than ever as he has teamed up with a secret society of dark sorcerers and placed them in the highest positions in the government in the guise of counterterrorism. Further, Dmitri has surrounded himself with dragons from Cassidy’s past, every bit as powerful as she is. Cassidy and her friends are the only hope for a world plunging into war but Cassidy must escape the control of the sword before it is too late.


A fast-paced trial by fire, A Wicked Storm is the fantasy novel you’ve been waiting for.

The Mask and the Sword


The great futuristic society of I-Star has long foretold the coming of a female with a gem embedded in her forehead. Known as the Dark Messiah, this woman possesses magical powers that will bring about the destruction of life as they know it.

When a young Cassidy awakens inside an enchanted cave, she has no memory of how she came to be in this strange place. She starts to build a life for herself in the modern, utopian world of I-Star. The odd red crystal in the middle of her forehead disturbs her, as no one else in the community of Jennison has such a marking.


Cassidy soon catches the attention of a mysterious sorcerer, Dmitri von Calvin, who recognizes her as the Dark Messiah and wishes to harness her power for destructive ends. Cassidy learns of the sorcerer's evil agenda and the prophecy of the Dark Messiah. Rather than fulfill her role as a life destroyer, Cassidy makes a decision to stand and fight against the destruction of her beloved world.

An epic fantasy full of larger-than-life characters, Legend of the Dark Messiah speaks to the incredible power of one individual to change the world.

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