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J. Johnson Higgins is the author of Legend of the Dark Messiah series.

J. Johnson Higgins began his writing from a young age. In elementary school he was once asked to write a short myth as an assignment. From that point forward he continued writing short stories about magic and alternate worlds for fun. He continued this process on into his college years.

His first novel, The Mask and the Sword, was published in 2007 and reissued in 2010. The novel is largely recognized as a refreshing new take on the fantasy genre that combines an original modern-feeling world with a page-turning political conspiracy nicely woven into the plot. He has since published a sequel, Volume II - A Wicked Storm and has additional publications forthcoming.


He is a fantasy and horror author, researcher, and musician holding a PhD and a Master's in Public Policy from University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). He currently lives in Maryland.

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